Hello parents, guardians, families, and friends! Welcome to our blog for the IUHPFL Honors Program in Saumur for 2015.

My name is Alan Ames and I am the Public Relations Coordinator and the Grammar & Communications instructor for the site this summer. As your students’ job is to be immersed in the French language and culture – and thus to avoid the Internet as much as possible – I will update our blog weekly (in English, of course!) and include pictures and details on the exciting adventures we experience together! I know it will be difficult to be away from your son or daughter for six and a half weeks, but I hope this blog can act as a window into your students’ experiences. I will do my best to publish as many pictures as possible of everyone each week so you can be kept up-to-date and know that the students are having a wonderful time. The entire instructor team looks forward to meeting with and working with the students, guiding them in France this summer and sharing it with you! Feel free to leave comments and let me know if you have questions about what we’re doing.